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Athena Layer is a top tier provider of enterprise DDoS mitigation solutions for websites and game servers. We currently protect over 2,500 websites and game servers across the globe. We provide remote DDoS mitigation through our cloud mitigation platform or via DDoS protected reverse proxy. We saw that this community may be interested in a reputable and trusted DDoS mitigation provider that gets the job done right. We protect from all forms of attacks including layer 4 and 7 attacks.

How does Athena Layer work?

Athena Layer is able to provide remote security and DDoS protection to your websites or gameservers by serving as an intelligent internet relay between your users and your servers. All traffic is sent to the Athena Layer cloud infrastructure where it undergoes deep packet inspection. This filters out malicious data such as DDoS attacks, SQL injections, File Injections, and more before sending the clean data to your server. Your server then sends the data back through our relay which automatically load balances the connection through our network, delivering it to the user as quick as possible.
With this configuration you mantain your already working server configurations while enjoying the benefits of DDoS protection and other web security. No setup is required on you or your users end, our protection is completely turn key. All your users will notice is an increase in performance, while your servers are completely protected.

Why is Athena Layer's DDoS Protection so advanced?

Athena Layer's advanced and intelligent firewall is one of the critical reasons why our protection is so bulletproof. Athena Layer responds to attacks on the fly by detecting and learning their behavior in real time. These malicious data patterns are stored into a database forever. As this database grows we are constantly developing new algorithms which can most efficiently block all of the attacks.
This increase in efficiency through technological neuroplasticity creates in increase in performance and reliability. The more attacks which hit the Athena Layer infrastructure the more advanced it becomes.
Here are a few of the attacks that Athena Layer protects against.
480Gb/s Layer 4 Protection
1,2500,000R/s Layer 7 Protection
ICMP FloodПара скринов: Protection
(S)SYN Flood Protection
Teardrop Attack Protection
RUDY Protection
APDoS Protection
Null Route Protection
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